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About us

We understand that you have worked extremely hard to get to where you are and you are backed by credentials that support your passion. But most employers and several organizations now looks for more competency proof to complement those credentials, so how do you intend to stand out from the competition? Tableau is a live and interactive e-learning platform that offers professional online education to help companies improve their profitability drastically. We provide several cyber training in various fields which includes but not limited to: Devop, Business Analytics, Database administration, VMware, Selenium, Amazon Web Services, Bigdata, Python, Identity Management, IT service, Management, NoSQL DB Courses, IT Networking and Server Administration Courses.

Our courses are perfectly designed for individuals seeking further professional recognition and independent certification to enhance their course outcome and qualities. We are renown for building pathways to successful careers and with over 5 years of certification program, we have acquired the needed experience to partner with you in the development and delivery of a recognized and sustainable career for your profession.





Don’t worry about keeping up with your day to day task and at the same time meeting up with your training. Everything is accessible on the go without interrupting your personal life.



Student support is one of our most valuable priority at MindMajix, and this is why we have equipped ourselves with experienced and understanding professors that takes pride in their work as educational providers. With expert instructors that students can easily contact and speak with for more clarifications on specific topics.



Things are evolving and everything is changing from just reading a black text written on a white paper to watching how it is done live or listening to it like you were actually present in there. MindMajix is an innovative e-learning platform that understands the power of visuals and audios which is why we have loaded each courses with self-explanatory videos and audios.


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